Riverside Picnic For City Escapades

Mekedatu is a great short trip especially if you are in Bangalore city.


Mekedaatu (Mekedatu), pronounced maykaydhaatu, means Goat’s Leap in Kannada (the official language of the Karnataka state in Southern India). This water stream is a famous picnic spot near Bangalore, the state capital. The name apparently comes from the idea is that even a goat can leap across this stream, as at this point the river Cauvery flows through a narrow gorge. Mekedatu is 4 km downstream from Sangama which is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Cauvery mo.

People love this place, especially when traveling from Bangalore, as it is a beautiful drive. It offers lovely outdoors along a river. The gorge and waterfalls are lovely, and there is no shortage of great eateries along the way. However, there are no good restaurants in Mekedaatu itself, and it is highly recommended to carry your own picnic lunch.

This place can also be a nice weekend break. If you are planning to stay, then Jungle lodges have a nice place near the river at Galibore. The timings given here are indicative.It will be hot during summers. Make sure you carry sun screen lotion and good hat. If you are adventurous, you can trek along the river after Mekedaatu. However, one has to be careful as this is a forest area frequented by elephants.

Location map:

Warnings: Even when the river here looks calm, it is quite dangerous due to strong undercurrents and whirlpools. Hundreds of tourists have lost their lives at Mekedatu and surrounding areas. Very often water current is very strong here; a person can drown in minutes, and just a small slip proves fatal here.

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